14 Day Sleeptox Tea

Our organic blend of purely natural herbal tea will give you the much needed teatox your body needs. It works by breaking down the fatty deposits which stick to the intestine enabling your metabolism to work much more efficiently.

  • 14 Day Sleeptox Detox (1 Product).
  • Detox tea created to assist Weight loss & Colon cleanse.
  • Get Increased metabolism & Increased energy.
  • Feel better and cleansed than ever before!

After years of FAD Dieting, trying numerous diet pills and lose weight quick schemes, I decided to look for a more natural approach to keeping my colon cleansed, losing those extra few lbs, stabilizing my metabolism and detoxing my body. I'm pleased to say here at Slendertoxtea we have developed an organic purely natural tea to do this, that does not contain any pharmaceutical products whatsoever. Hence not getting that dehydration/headache/racing heartbeat/anxiety that can be side effects of those pharmaceutical nasties in certain slimming products, which means it end ups being an unsustainable weight loss/detox plan. 

  • Cleansed colon
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Feel better and cleansed than ever before!
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Whilst detoxing we recommend maintaining a healthy diet and keeping active to achieve the best effects of your teatox period, we additionally note to drink as much water as you can to help on your detox.
Sleeptox Ingredients: 
Valerian Root, Large Hawthorn, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Green Tea, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Fennel Seeds, Camellia Flower. 

As mentioned previously Slendertoxtea is a 100% herbal, clean detox, organic tea blend developed from a South East Asian blend, you can benefit from the unique blend of ingredients (that can be seen below) containing vitamin b12, protein, fibre, and vitamin c. With the day and sleep tea plans ranging from 14 days to 3 months there is a teatox plan that is suitable for you whether you have a few stubborn lbs to lose or a more long term weightloss goal. The teatox has been used by both men and women (It is not just women, men love it too!) to give their digestive system an overhaul with a colon cleansed weightloss.

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