Many individuals are very quick to start trying to eliminate as many foods from their diet as possible in order to reduce their overall calorie intake and achieve success, but the truth is that you just don’t have to do this. You can have a slightly more flexible diet while still having no problem reaching your goal weight.

What Carb Blockers Do

Carb blockers are essentially going to prevent your body from absorbing all of the carbohydrate calories in the foods that you consume, thus helping to decrease your daily total calorie intake, moving your fat loss quickly along.
Those who use carbohydrate blockers are able to enjoy more of the foods that they typically have cut out in the past while on a fat loss diet, without suffering the repercussions of having these in their plan.
Note that carb blockers will not increase the metabolic rate however, but by reducing your absorbed calorie intake, they act in much the same way on your overall weight loss progress.

Who Will Benefit From Carb Blockers

So who will benefit from carb blockers? Simply put, anyone who loves their carbs.  If you often find you fall off a diet plan because you just can’t cut out the breads, cereals, pasta, rice, and so on that you’ve come to love so much, then carb blockers are for you.
One thing that you have to keep in mind though is that carb blockers won’t block all of the carbohydrates that are consumed.
Carb blockers won’t block protein or fat calories.  If the high-carb foods you typically enjoy are also high in fat or protein (such as pizza or potato chips for instance), these could still pose a threat to your overall fat loss results since you’ll be taking in so many calories from the other two nutrients as well.  
Many people do really enjoy having these with their diet to allow more freedom and flexibility.


Decreases Calorie Intake
Decreases Carbohydrate Intake
 More Freedom To Eat Foods You Like

Weight Loss


White Kidney Bean, Magnesium stearate (vegetable derived), Gelatine Shell

Nutritional Information:

Each capsule provides :

White Kidney Bean ………500mg


To be used as part of a healthy balanced diet. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 16

Capsules are in blue foil heat sealed bags and are Re-sealable once opened

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